The Story

In 1993, my brother Erik was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. While Type I Diabetes can be a hard diagnosis to accept initially, it was even harder for my family and my brother. In addition to being a diabetic, my brother also has Down Syndrome. The change in our day to day lives was something that we all grew accustomed to, and I credit my mother for the ease of our transition. Soon after Erik’s diagnosis, my mother created charts to help everyone manage Erik’s diabetes. It was simple; Erik did his number, we found the number on the chart, looked at the column next to it to find out the insulin dosage Erik needed, and double checked with mom or dad to see if in fact that was the correct dosage for the meal ahead. Erik is extremely independent; he takes his blood glucose and does his shot independently every day. I figured if Erik can manage his diabetes this well using this formula, everyone else can too. So I took my mom’s charts and put them into an easy to use 21st century format.

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